Mineral, Oil and Property Rights (Course Retiring After 2018) Course

Gain the ability to take on new clients by acquiring the education needed to adequately conduct transactions that include mineral and oil rights. Whether an experienced land professional looking to brush up on old skills or a commercial/residential agent looking to expand their business to take on new clients, this course is a worthwhile investment with a big ROI.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to assess the different types of ownership, conveyances and title transfers.
  • Confidence to take on new clients with mineral, oil and/or gas located on their property.
  • Competence to navigate the state and federal laws governing oil and gas ownership and development.
  • Knowledge to assess the nature and protection of interests in oil and gas.
  • Ability to identify oil and gas issues that may cause problems down the road for clients, ranging from drilling sites to water usage to surface damage.

Resources and tools received:

  • Web Links to each State’s specific laws and regulations

This course/event has closed registration. If you have any questions, please contact us at rli@realtors.org