Real Estate Mapping Technologies & Techniques Course

Use the basics of land navigation and technology like compasses, GPS, and the latest mapping software to help grow businesses and meet client needs. Gain confidence in your abilities with relevant navigational insights and skills to effectively locate, traverse, list, and market land parcels.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to work efficiently with mapping programs like ESRI, Google Earth Pro, Terra Stride, and MapRight.
  • Confidence to know what kind of maps should be made for a property and how to accurately draw out property maps.
  • Competence to effectively use maps to market optimally properties.
  • Knowledge to find a property using private and government sources, use navigation programs in the field and utilize data collected in the field to enhance your marketing maps.
  • Real Estate Mapping Technologies & Techniques Course
  • ALC
  • Member
  • Standard
  • July 2018 Hybrid Course
  • $395
  • $445
  • $595