EVENT CANCELLED: The 2020 LANDU Education Week

9 Days | 6 Courses | 1 Designation

With heavy hearts, RLI leadership and staff is cancelling the 2020 LANDU Education Week. The event was planned to take place at the Arkansas Association of REALTORS® building in Little Rock from August 20-28. However, we just received notice that due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, their Executive Board has decided – out of an abundance of caution – to keep their building closed for the rest of the summer. This means that they will no longer be allowing any events, including our 2020 LANDU Education Week, to take place onsite at their building.

While we are working with the Arkansas Association of REALTORS® to reschedule the event to take place there in the summer of 2021, we want to also invite you to check back regularly on our upcoming course schedule as we will be adding additional courses in our VILT-Online format over the next few weeks.

LANDU Education Week Courses – EVENT CANCELLED

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Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges | CANCELLED

Instructor: Jim Miller, Esq. | 16 ALC Credit Hours

Non-Member Price: $735 | RLI Member Price: $535 | ALC Designated Price: $268

Discover how a property can be sold and a replacement property purchased without incurring any federal income taxes on the sale. Gain and impress clients with a working knowledge on how to save them money when conducting transactions as well as what tax deferred options there are to increase income or adapt to the needs of their changing lifestyle.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the:

  • Expertise to evaluate and recognize situations where a 1031 exchange could be used to the client’s advantage.
  • Confidence to assist clients that would benefit from using a 1031 exchange.
  • Competence to discuss 1031 exchange rules and structures with the clients tax advisers.
  • Knowledge to simply explain to clients the tax-saving benefits of 1031 exchanges.

Resources and tools received:

  • Summary of Key Court Cases relating to 1031 Exchanges.

Land Investment Analysis | CANCELLED

Instructor: Phil McGinnis, ALC | 24 ALC Credit Hours

Non-Member Price: $950 | RLI Member Price: $750 | ALC Designated Price: $375

This course will provide you with land investment principles that are valuable to any agent. Gain the expertise needed to take on more clients, close more deals, and be prepared to take on even the toughest land investment transactions.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to calculate various aspects of a property’s present value including the internal rate of return, net present value, mortgage payment and more.
  • Confidence to identify the highest and best use of a property as well as acquisition, operation, and disposition costs and equity.
  • Competence needed to help clients through the land investment analysis process.
  • Knowledge to effectively analyze and evaluate data, including highest performance indicators, multipliers and ratios, rate of return, and more.

Resources and tools received:

  • Excel Worksheets with built-in formulas to solve for:
    • Loan Amount
    • Annual Interest Rate
    • Number of Amortization Periods
    • Periodic Payment Amount
    • Future Value

Land 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage | CANCELLED

Instructor: Joel King, ALC | 16 ALC Credit Hours

Non-Member Price: $735 | RLI Member Price: $535 | ALC Designated Price: $268

This course is the perfect introduction to the land specialty. Whether just entering the land real estate industry or looking to refresh on the basics, attendees will acquire knowledge to more confidently assist clients. This course provides a strong foundation for any real estate professional looking to perform land transactions.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to navigate various environmental, land-use rights and restrictions, and taxation factors associated with land transactions.
  • Confidence to identify, describe, map and value the different types of land real estate.
  • Competence needed to help clients through the 1031 tax-deferred exchange process.
  • Knowledge to strategically market and sell properties.

Resources and tools received:

  • Farm Listing Checklist
  • Tools to Estimate Tract Productivity
  • Sample Marketing Package

Recreational Land Real Estate | CANCELLED

Instructor: Joel King, ALC | 16 ALC Credit Hours

Non-Member Price: $735 | Member Price: $535 | ALC Price: $268

Recreational land real estate is a diverse and growing segment within the land industry. Regional opportunities exist in land sales used for hunting, fishing, boating, ranching, camping, and more. The overall goal of this course is to introduce real estate professionals to the tools needed to work with buyers and sellers of all types of recreational property.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Competence to effectively describe the steps in identifying potential Recreational Land and improvements needed.
  • Knowledge of how Recreational Land can produce income.
  • Confidence to advise and assist clients in making the best purchase or sale of recreational property.
  • Expertise on what makes property suitable for recreational use and explain the factors that determine value.

Transitional Land Real Estate | CANCELLED

Instructor: Justin Osborn, ALC | 16 ALC Credit Hours

Non-Member Price: $735 | RLI Member Price: $535 | ALC Designated Price: $268

Opportunities are arising for real estate agents as more and more undeveloped land is being adapted for recreational and commercial uses, and real estate agents need to understand how to determine clients’ needs and buy and sell property at fair market value. This is an essential course for land and commercial agents looking to gain a better understanding of both sides of a transitional land transaction.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to analyze options and determine the highest and best use of a property.
  • Confidence to develop an effective marketing campaign to sell these types of properties.
  • Competence to estimate the market value of a transitional land property.
  • Knowledge to understand the financial aspects, physical considerations, governmental, legal and economic factors that impact transitional land.

Resources and tools received:

  • Formulas to discounting the time value of money

Agricultural Land Brokerage and Marketing | CANCELLED

Instructor: Ben Crosby, ALC  | 16 ALC Credit Hours

Non-Member Price: $735 | RLI Member Price: $535 | ALC Designated Price: $268

Gain an understanding of the agricultural land brokerage process as well as insights on how to best market these kinds of properties. This newly updated course covers key aspects of the 2018 Farm Bill, including the major change of legalizing industrial hemp. Armed with the valuable information provided by this course, real estate agents will be empowered to more competently assist clients with various types of agricultural land transactions.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to analyze the income potential of agricultural land.
  • Confidence to market agricultural properties to their highest potential.
  • Competence to identify the highest and best use of the land based on soil type.
  • Knowledge to understand the market forces impacting the values of agricultural land.

Resources and tools received:

  • A demonstration of the USDA Web Soil Survey
  • A template to create a formal presentation for agricultural properties
  • A list of 2018 Farm Bill highlights

LANDU Education Week Course Pricing Structure

  • ALC Designated Course Price – For registrants that have already earned the Accredited Land Consultants (ALC) Designation and are considered to be an active ALC.
  • RLI Member Course Price – For registrants that are active REALTORS® Land Institute Members who have not yet earned the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation.
  • Non-Member Course Price – For registrants that are not currently active members of the REALTORS® Land Institute. Not yet a member? Save $200 per course, join RLI.

2020 LANDU Education Week Location & Hotel – EVENT CANCELLED

RLI Event Location

Arkansas REALTORS® Association
11224 Executive Center Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72211

RLI Room Block

Due to the cancellation of this event, the RLI Room Block is now closed.

Hilton Garden Inn – West Little Rock
10914 Kanis Road
Little Rock, AR 72211

Here’s What Past LANDU Week Attendees Had To Say

Joy McClinthen

“Ten days away from my business, courses on the weekends, plus the monetary investment – was it worth it? Absolutely! I attended LANDU Week because of a recommendation. It was a diverse group of land professionals. Many of the contacts made have become friends.”

Joy McClinthenJoy McClinthen Realty
Mark Skillman, ALC

“I had a wonderful time networking with fellow land practitioners from around the country and made fast friends with many of them as we discovered the commonality we all share in our unique industry.   Moreover, my intellect was definitely challenged as I worked through the course material and gleaned new information to increase my knowledge base, level of proficiency and, hopefully, effectiveness as a land professional. ”

Mark Skillman, ALCAFM Land Sales, LLC
Michael Murphy, ALC

“My brother Dan and I attended LANDU Education Week in 2018 and this is by far the best way to complete a majority of the ALC classes and make connections for life. Great classes and great instructors and the friendships created were a perfect bonus!”

Michael Murphy, ALCM4 Ranch Group
Dan Flanagan, ALC

“I had a great week and enjoyed the courses very much.  It was definitely time well spent and I was able to complete educational requirements toward the ALC designation.”

Dan Flanagan, ALCFlanagan Realty, LLC
Drew Ary, ALC

“I have spent a lot of money on continuing my education and I must admit LANDU Week Plus was the most well spent money yet. Not only were the Instructors the best in the business, so were the other students. It was a great week and a wealth of information. I would suggest it to anyone that plans to be in the land business for the long run.”

Drew Ary, ALCKeller Williams Advantage
Walter Hatchett, ALC

“Having the opportunity to attend the 2018 LANDU Week in Dallas and listen to and learn from top land real estate professionals was a great experience for me. The networking and knowledge gained was priceless, as well as making friendships that will last a lifetime. It was truly worth the investment, to me, to have all the classes needed in one location and time-frame to assist in obtaining my ALC Designation.”

Walter Hatchett, ALCKohler & Associates
ALCs from 2018 LANDU Week at NLC19 receiving their pins

2018 LANDU Education Week Attendees Awarded ALC Pins At NLC19

Once a year, the REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI) offers land professionals the opportunity to greatly enhance their expertise by taking all six courses needed to earn RLI’s elite Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation in one place, at one time: LANDU Education Week. Every year, a dedicated group of agents attend that take full advantage of this opportunity, complete all the courses, and go on to proudly receive their ALC pin. Many of those who received their pin after attending LANDU Week were also named top-producing agents as award recipients as part of RLI’s esteemed APEX Awards Program. Hear what they had to say about how attending LANDU Education Week helped them to achieve their ALC Designation.

2019 LANDU Education Week Recap

Denver, CO | June 2-10

It was another record-setting year for LANDU Education Week! We had a total of 48 participants from 15 states and Canada for a total of 202 course registrations. The courses were held at the University of Denver in Denver, CO, from June 2-10. We are also excited to announce that we had record number of attendees – 24 in total – who completed all six courses towards earning the elite ALC Designation!

A special thank you is extended to the Land Broker Co-op, Mason & Morse Ranch, and the RLI Colorado Chapter for their support in helping to bring this educational opportunity to Colorado. Also, a special thank you to Bart Miller, ALC, for going above and beyond with his support of the meeting logistics. Finally, thank you to the RLI Colorado Chapter Administrator Maggie Thomas for her help in obtaining CE Credit approval in the State of Colorado!

2019 LANDU Education Week Photos

Thank you to all who attended and made this event a great success!

LANDU Education Week