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How to Scale: A Guide to Growing Your Land Business

How many of you are the backbone of your Company’s entire operation? In fact, you are probably your entire operation: a solo agent prospecting for new leads, writing offers, conducting listing appointments and buyer consultations, negotiating contracts, giving sellers marketing updates, ordering surveys, determining utility locations, marketing your listings, handling your social media and overall, handling the entire transaction from listing to closing. In fact, you probably have to make your own coffee and try to manage a database and a family. WHEW, it’s a lot!

Have you ever felt as if you’re juggling too much, perhaps, you’re even struggling to keep up? Ever wished that you were in a position to hire an assistant to support you with the never-ending stream of administrative tasks? Have you determined that you’re not quite ready for that next step but desperately need some help staying organized and efficient? I feel like this is an incredible place to start. Not only will it help you stay organized, it will create a workflow that can be duplicated and passed on. Now is a great time to consider implementing systems and processes that can later be handed off as you grow. In order to do so, you have to write down what has to be done before you can hire someone to do it.

In order to move from a solo agent to a team, you must build systems that will keep your company operational and functioning in a smooth, systematized and efficient manner. In addition, when you finally hit your breaking point and hire an admin, you can share these systems and train your team by simply going over your documented processes. If you’re a real champion and want to grow your business exponentially, I would personally recommend going through the utter discomfort of hiring a business coach. I would recommend someone like Mike Ferry Organization, Tom Hopkins International, or my personal favorite, Icenhower Coaching and Consulting.

A coach can help you organize your business, determine when to hire staff members and how to grow. It is uncomfortable; however, I want to illustrate the type of systems the discomfort introduces. Below you will find Ary Land and Home’s Listing to Contract Checklist. My team and I have developed this over time while working with our coach (Icenhower Coaching and Consulting). See below.

Date Completed   Date Requested
  Admin intro call to sellers - immediately after listing signed  
  Receive signed listing agreement  
  Obtain all signed & completed sellers disclosures  
  Obtain showing instructions from agent/sellers, Gate Code? Combo?  
  Verify Aerial is accurate with salesperson  
  Put seller on MLS listing auto-alert email drip for LAND OR HOME to buy  
  Put seller on MLS auto-alert drip- MLS status changes 1 MILE RADIUS FROM LAND  
  Ask Seller for utility companies, call and get sizes of lines in front of prop  
  Order preliminary title report, HOA Documents & CCRs if HOME  
  Order Signs? Let Trish know what’s used for sign inventory  
  Add sellers to admin weekly update call list  
  Add sellers to agent's weekly update call list  
  Ask to Enter listing into MLS as incomplete for agent to proof  
  Assign lock box to MLS listing  
  Add client to CRM database  
  Add new listing to Team Scoreboard  
  Submit listing contract/disclosures in to DotLoop for compliance  
  Get MLS listing edits/approval from Agent  
  Upload MLS Client Detail Report to property file  
  Email MLS Client Detail Report to all team members  
  Add/Enhance Listing on LandWatch LOA and LandBrokerMLS  
  Calendar Listing Expiration Date  
  Prepare property flyer  
  Create "Just Listed" Facebook & social media posts  
  "Just Listed" mailers/flyers created & ordered  
  Add clients as friends on Facebook/Social Media  
  Claim listing on REALTOR,com, Zillow/Trulia & set up reporting  
  Sign up at property  
  Flyers delivered to property  
  Send Thank You/Gift Card to Person who Referred Listing  
  "Just Listed" email to neighborhood & SOI  
  "Just Listed" posted on Facebook & social media  
  Call to sellers for PRICE REDUCTION APPOINTMENT?  
  Weekly Activity Report Call to sellers  
  Email Activity Report to sellers  
  Prepare summary(s) of key offer terms to present to sellers  
ONCE OFFER ACCEPTED - Start Property File Checklist  


*Please note that you need to go through the checklist, there are some things that will not apply to your situation.

Can you picture yourself using this checklist? Can you imagine what it would be like to know that all of your files are “where they need to be?” Fundamental organization and structure is essential.

The main goal in writing this Blog is to help novice agents understand that developing routines and establishing work flows is essential to running a successful real estate company. Even though you may feel like you are too far gone, YOU CAN turn chaos into order and whip things into shape. These processes will 1) make your life as an agent easier and less stressful, and 2) create and maintain seamless systems that can be duplicated to keep the business running so that you can focus on growing your business.

With that said, I urge you to sit down and go over the above Listing to Contract Checklist and make it yours. Don’t stop there, make a Contract to Close Checklist, a Seller Closing Checklist, and a Buyer Closing Checklist and just keep going. Don’t make the checklists just to make them, make sure you implement them and go over them weekly. Make a checklist of what needs to be done on every file and eventually you will be able to hire someone that can make sure the items are checked off for you. I know it will be painful and you will grow to the extent of pain you can handle!

On another note, if you are looking to hire someone and you are not sure exactly what they are supposed to do, keep reading. Below is a sample Listing Manager’s job description.

  • Oversee all aspects of Seller’s transactions from initial contact to executed purchase agreement.
  • Prepare all listing materials: pre-listing presentation, Listing Agreement, sellers’ disclosures, comparative market analysis, pull online property profile, research old multiple listing service (MLS) listings and etc.
  • Consult & coordinate with Seller’s all property photos, surveys, repairs, cleaning, signage, lockbox, access requirements & marketing activities.
  • Obtain all necessary signatures on listing agreement, disclosures and other necessary documentation
  • Take property phone calls and monitor Agent emails.
  • Coordinate Buyer showings & obtain feedback.
  • Provide proactive weekly feedback to sellers regarding all showings and marketing activities.
  • Coordinate all agent meetings and remind Agent of important dates.
  • Input all listing information into MLS and marketing websites and update as needed.
  • Submit all necessary documentation to office broker for file compliance.
  • Input all necessary information into client database and transaction management systems

Again, when I got into real estate, I knew how to sell Farms. I did not understand how to run a business. None of this comes natural to me, however; it has changed the way our business operates. In fact, I no longer say “only I can do it” or “no one will do it as good as me.” That is a scarcity mindset and you have to realize that if you are saying that right now, it’s because “how to do it is not written down,” as our great leader, Gary Keller, would say. It took me a long time to realize this and if it weren’t for Kasey Mock taking the time to explain how important a business foundation is, I sure wouldn’t be where I am at today. With that said, my challenge to you is to start to document the things you do and create checklists to make sure they are done on every file. Make it a priority! Call me if I can help!

About the Author: Drew Ary, ALC, is an agent with Keller Williams Advantage. Drew has a vast knowledge of raw land, land with improvements, and farm and ranch properties. Above all, he has a passion for selling land and farm and ranch properties by bringing buyers and sellers together through honesty and integrity. Drew spent 10 years in the real estate auction world with roles as a Closing Coordinator, Project Manager, and a large portion as the Director of Farm & Ranch Sales. Drew moved to traditional real estate with Keller Williams Advantage at the beginning of 2017. He started Ary Land Co. with his wife, Trish and partners Eric and Lesley Zellers, selling over $200,000,00 worth of real estate in their first three years. 

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