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The Voices of Land Podcast: Episode Transcriptions

Episode 22: Wetland Mitigation Banking with Guest Ren Martyn, ALC

Episode 23: Composting Strategies for Landowners with Guest Monique DiGiorgio of Table to Farm Composting

Episode 24: Fraud Prevention Tactics in Real Estate with Guest Kevin Tolbert, ALC

Episode 25: Land Stewardship: Increasing Economic Vitality and Ecological Health with Guest Lesli Allison, CEO of the Western Landowners Alliance

Episode 26: The Costs of the Revised WOTUS Rule to Landowners and Developers with Guest Russell Riggs, Director of Environmental and Sustainability Policy for the National Association of REALTORS®

Episode 27: The Impacts of Water Usage on Land Investor Strategies with Guest Clayton Pilgrim, ALC

Episode 28: Creative Land Financing with Guest Geoff Hurdle, ALC

Episode 29: Five Courses to Make You a Better Land Broker with Guest Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, CCIM

Episode 30: Top Trends for Land Professionals to Plan for in 2024 with Guest Rebecca Frantz, ALC

Episode 31: Deal Breakers I Could Live Without with Guest Ryan Sampson, ALC, CCIM

Episode 32: If I Only Knew: If I Only Knew: Lessons to Build a Successful Land Business with Guests Rebecca Frantz, ALC and Trent Lister, ALC

Episode 34: Dirt Debacles #1 with Guests Sam Bowers, ALC and Christina Asbury, ALC

Episode 35: Representing Equestrian Properties with Guest Larry Story, ALC

Episode 36: Dirt Debacles #2 with Guests Geoff Hurdle, ALC and Dan Murphy, ALC

Episode 37: Site Selection for Storage Facilities with Guest Tim Hadley, ALC

Episode 38: Generate Income Through Recreational Land with Guest Bryan Glass, ALC

Episode 39: Rural Loans for Unconventional Properties and Underserved Communities with Guest Darla Larson, VP of Sales with Rural 1st

Episode 40: Land Auction Strategies and Success Stories with Guest Andrew Zellmer, ALC

Episode 41: Dirt Debacles #3 with Guests Allison Worrell and Luke Worrell, ALC